Strategic Direction

C.Strategic Direction:



Overall human and environmental development for a happy and prosperous world through positive change
Mission Statement







Empowering rural downtrodden section particularly women, children , girls  & youth along with people with disabilities and plain aboriginal tribe through their capacity building and ensuring active participation by promoting their strength and potentials for enhancing of their socio-economic-political and cultural standard aiming at establishing environmental friendly just and peaceful society.





































2Building up of rural institutions like the backward segment of women, girls, youths and people with disabilities also from Adibashi ethnic community & Migrants.


2Undertake small IGA/ Micro-Credit and entrepreneurship development activities for employment and income generation of customer people toward secured livelihood and sustainability.


2Developing expertise and knowledge of beneficiaries through education & training both in terms of technical/ Vocational and human resource development aspects as well that helps prepare them as competent for new millennium.

2 Promotion of public health, Nutrition and WATSAN system including awareness and actions on HIV/AIDS and Arsenic contamination together with environmental / nature conservation & Drug addiction / Anti Tobacco campaign etc.

2Adaptation of climate change and related actions to address its harmful effects and water governance.

2Establish justice, peace, human rights and empowering of women, girls, youth and children with importance to PwDs and Acid victims, preventing of women-children trafficking, illegal migration and enhance the rights and privilege of woman & child along with legal aid and justice for vulnerable sections.                                                                                               2Protect the interest of general consumers through collective efforts/association.

2Migration and anti  human trafficking

2Assist the interested trained and skilled people in going abroad for seeking job and earning foreign exchange that will help reduce our burden of unemployment.

2Rehabilitation of people with all type of disabilities including visually impaired and Acid burn victims at the community level.

2 Strengthening of local and good governance & fostering democracy, Advocacy, Policy and Research.

2Election monitoring and voter education.

2 Development of aquaculture sector and fisheries resources (Pond & other water bodies).

2Technology transfer of modern scientific agriculture & livestock improvement

2 Extend support on land reforms (i.e. khas land/ water bodies’ distribution & management) and empowering the assetless & enhance landless development.

2 Gender relation & development.

2 Disaster preparedness, emergency response, recovery & rehabilitation.

2Any humanitarian & philanthropic initiative along with occasional aid to religious programs

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