Affiliation and Networking


M.Affiliation and Networking:


Name of Network Theme/Focus Year of affiliation Present Position of the organization in the Network
Association Development Agencies in Bangladesh




Advocacy, Policy, Information & Coordination  1993




Chairman  of ADAB , Sirajganj district committee



National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled – NFOWD ,



Information, communication, advocacy & lobby  1995





 Forum Member





Campaign for Popular    Education (CAMPE),Dhaka Campaign in education for all /information, exchange and sharing  1998






 Network Member





NGO FORUM   For   Public Health),Dhaka



Pure drinking water and safe sanitation /Hygiene promotion  1994






 Forum Partner








Health, WatSan & Environment  1999



 Network Member




Coordination Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh-CCHRB,Dhaka Advocacy, policy and lobby in the HR area  1996



 Forum Member



Democracy Watch




Strengthening good governance /democracy  2004




 Partner NGO




Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA),Dhaka





 Policy , Advocacy and Information network on elimination of tobacco  2002






 Network Partner






Bangladesh  ECD Network



Development of early childhood education  2005




 Network Member
Child Disability Network (CDN),Dhaka


Eradicating of avoidable blindness in the children  2002




 Network Member




National Youth Forum of Bangladesh




Promoting and collaborating the development of young leadership for peace and human rights  2005





 Forum Member





 Association of Land Reform and Development- ALRD, Dhaka




Policy, Advocacy, Information and Coordination on land issues  1996





 Network Member





Brotee  Samatat Networking ,Dhaka


Women in Development & entrepreneurship  2000




Network Partner





Tobacco control Task Force(govt), Tarash Upazila, ,Sirajganj Oversee Tobacco control activities at Upazila level  2008




 Task Force Member




Non-communicable diseases forum (NCDF)


Promoting awareness to prevent NCDF 2016



Forum Member



Upazila disability welfare committee(govt), Tarash , Sirajganj




Coordination ,Information & implementation of disability legislation  2009






 Committee Member






Chalonbeel Climate Change Network



Adaptation work on climate change issue and advocacy & networking 2015


Convener of the Network committee



District Child Rights Forum , Sirajgonj To oversee the violation of rights of the children 2015 Member of the Forum


Netzkraft Movement , German







International network of persons and groups who commit themselves  socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually  2016







 Network Member






CSO Coalition on Human Rights in Sirajganj Defending human rights violations 2018 Coalition Member
South Asian Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC),Bangladesh To end violence against children  2012  NACG member



Deaf child Worldwide Network – UK



Advocacy-lobby and rehabilitation of deaf children  2008




 Network Member
Both Ends Support Services – Netherlands





Promoting Civil Society Organizations through south-south cooperation  2007






 Service customer






Fundsforngos – UN




Disseminating funding information worldwide  2010





 Network subscriber





LAND Network Climate change response 2017 Member
European Union-Brussels





Online Registration  2018 (updated)





PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) .

Europe Aid ID

BD-2012-GQX- 2711454365.

CSA for SUN BD (global alliance)  Nutrition  2014  General Member


Non-Communicable Disease Forum -NCDF, Dhaka NCD  2014  Network Member
International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), South Korea Youth peace and development  2014


 Affiliated Member


National Alliance for Migrants Rights , Bangladesh (NAMR,B), BRAC








To ensue migrant labors rights & dignity , protection of suffering migrants  along with remittance management and development 2016









Alliance Member






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