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  1. General Information:
Name and Logo  PARIBARTAN
Year of Incorporation 1988  , but field operation  launched in 1991
Postal Address Village, Post, Upazila and PS-Tarash, Dist. Sirajganj,

Post Code No. 6780 , Bangladesh

Telephone/Mobile/Fax Nos.



Telephone:880-07528-56283,                                             Mobile :880- 01716-187392,

Fax: 880-07528-56195

E-mail ID


Skype 8801716187392
Contact Person & Designation: Abdur Razzak Razu , Director
Organization’s  Bank Account information








PARIBARTAN KENDRIO ARTHIK LENDEN,                                  SONALI BANK LTD. Tarash Branch,                                                       Village, Post & Upazila –  Tarash ,                                                                                               Dist.  Sirajganj , Bangaldesh
Account No. SB. 34057915(online) 




  • Core values:
  • Non-discrimination & non-violence
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Good governance & democracy
  • Women empowerment & gender equality
  • Peace, tranquility and humanity
  • Respect to all kinds of culture, values and heritages

–    Voluntarism/ Sacrificing spirit etc.


As a non-govt. and non-profit Voluntary development organization, PARIBARTAN was founded in 1988 with a view to bring change about the overall condition of rural poor particularly neglected womenfolk. It comes 1991 when her field operation had been launched effectively at grassroot level. We usually work among disadvantaged women, youth and girls along with disabled people, Adibashi minority and Acid burnt assault victims and a few other unprivileged & vulnerable sections of the society following small group as well as community approaches both based on the strategy of integrated development. Being registered under the dept. of social services as well as Bureau of NGO Affairs, further it has a nice collaboration to a number of networking and apex bodies in the country and also a few in overseas. There is also an executive committee as it’s guiding policy-making instrument. In addition, a skilled and experience staff led by the Director is dedicatedly engaged to run the organization’s program in a good order. The organization has so far implemented a number of various types of development projects both small and medium size with support from home and abroad including govt. assistance on which we have proven track records and evidences. The initiator and founder of the organization is a former professional social worker and rural Journalist, writer- poet and also an Ex-UNV/DDS and it maintains collaborations with UN NGLS-Geneva and UNIC – Dhaka by means of receiving their regular publications and other materials. The organization keeps  its all documents up to date including annual activity and financial reports

Title Significance:

Bengali word “PARIBARTAN” means – ‘Change’ that we believe and very often use in the sense of positive term and as we know actual development is translated into reality only when it has changed anything toward the trend of increasing growth up to expected level ensuring quality and quantity both at a time. Nothing would be everlasting except Change according to eternal saying. Moreover, as it was George Bernard Shaw who once said “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. That is the philosophical notion in keeping such a name of the organization in bringing changes about all poor conditions. But after all, we should first change ourselves and then try to make the changes of others or anything that is the main motto.



B.Statutory Information:

Registration Authority Registration Number Date of Registration
Department of Social Services Siraj-218/91 03-09-1991
NGO Affairs Bureau FDR 798 25-01-1994                                                    Last  Renewed  25-01-2018     Valid up to : 25-01-2029







  1. Strategic Direction:



Overall human and environmental development for a happy and prosperous world through positive change
Mission Statement








Empowering rural downtrodden section particularly women, children , girls  & youth along with people with disabilities and plain aboriginal tribe through their capacity building and ensuring active participation by promoting their strength and potentials for enhancing of their socio-economic-political and cultural standard aiming at establishing environmental friendly just and peaceful society.








































2Building up of rural institutions like the backward segment of women, girls, youths and people with disabilities also from Adibashi ethnic community & Migrants.


2Undertake small IGA/ Micro-Credit and entrepreneurship development activities for employment and income generation of customer people toward secured livelihood and sustainability.


2 Providing child and adult education both formal and non-formal along with pre-schooling toward building an educated nation.

2Developing expertise and knowledge of beneficiaries through education & training both in terms of technical/ Vocational and human resource development aspects as well that helps prepare them as competent for new millennium.

2 Promotion of public health, Nutrition and WATSAN system including awareness and actions on HIV/AIDS and Arsenic contamination together with environmental / nature conservation & Drug addiction / Anti Tobacco campaign etc.

2Adaptation of climate change and related actions to address its harmful effects and water governance.

2Establish justice, peace, human rights and empowering of women, girls, youth and children with importance to PwDs and Acid victims, preventing of women-children trafficking, illegal migration and enhance the rights and privilege of woman & child along with legal aid and justice for vulnerable sections.                                                                                               2Protect the interest of general consumers through collective efforts/association.

2Migration and anti  human trafficking actions .

2Assist the interested trained and skilled people in going abroad for seeking job and earning foreign exchange that will help reduce our burden of unemployment.

2Rehabilitation of people with all type of disabilities including visually impaired and Acid burn victims at the community level.

2 Strengthening of local and good governance & fostering democracy, Advocacy, Policy and Research.

2Election monitoring and voter education.

2 Development of aquaculture sector and fisheries resources (Pond & other water bodies).

2Technology transfer of modern scientific agriculture & livestock improvement

2 Extend support on land reforms (i.e. khas land/ water bodies’ distribution & management) and empowering the assetless & enhance landless development.

2 Gender relation & development.

2 Disaster preparedness, emergency response, recovery & rehabilitation.

2Any humanitarian & philanthropic initiative along with occasional aid to religious programs

2Information, Communication, Technology and Publication etc.



D.1. Name of General body and number of members:

General Committee, 30 Members (Female -13 & Male-17)

D.2. Information about Executive Committee: (7 members including 3 women, valid till 2021)

Sl Designation Name Sex Profession Duration of the committee Telephone/


1. Chairman  Md. Abdul Gafur Male Agriculture  2  years 01921662920




Md.Mansur Rahman Bachchu Male Business 2  years 01712138243
3. Treasurer Md. Jalal Uddin Male Non govt. service 2  years 01757810516
4. Member Sabita Rani Sarker Female  House wife 2  years 01813294348
5. Member Minoti Rani Female NGO service 2  years 01736823580
6. Member Md. Sanzu Kader Male Non govt. service 2  years 01761712231
7. Secretary Abdur Razzak Razu Male Social work 2 years 01716187392


  1. List of Approved Organizational Policies/Manuals:
SL Name of the Polices Year of Enforcement
1. Human Resource/Admin Policy 2009
2. Finance Rules 2009
3. Procurement & Purchase Policy 2009
4. Gender Policy 2009
5. Fixed Asset Management Policy 2009
6. Child Protection Policy 2009
7. Monitoring Guideline 2010
8. Policy on disaster management 2010
9. Policy on information disclosure 2018


  1. Major Field of activities:

The major areas/sectors the organization covers are as follows.

2 Institution, Education, Health, WatSan, Disability ,Environment, Climate Change,  Land & Agriculture, Youth development , Aquaculture , Peace & Human rights ,Democracy, Good governance, Migration & Trafficking,Economicsecurity,Disaster response, Information, Communication / Technology and Publication etc.

  1. Target Audience:

 ±Hard core poor (male & female)

±Distress & Landless women / men

± Asset less man & youth/ Fishermen

± Disadvantaged children & adolescents/girls

±People with Disability / Acid victims

±Transgender people and people with HIV/ AIDS

±Aborigine /Plain tribal (Minority)/Adibashi people

± Migrants and trafficked persons(men-women)

±Drug addict persons

±General consumers

±Foreign job seekers people/ Migrants etc.



  1. Geographic Coverage:
Name of District Name of Upazila # of


# of


# of Beneficiaries
Female Male Youth/ boys Girls Total





Tarash, Rayganj, Ullapara,Belkuchi, Shahjadpur , Chouhali, Kamarkhand, Kazipur and Sirajganj sadar 65






284 42500






























Pabna Bhangura , Chatmohor 08


198 64000











H.1 The ongoing/current Programs and/or Projects:

Theme/Sector Programs/Projects Location Duration Donors
Start date End date


Rehabilitation   of ethnic minority through integrated  development


Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj


2019 2020 Bangladesh NGO Foundation(govt.)




Emergency/disaster response






Flood relief and rehabilitation of people with disabilities




Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj







2017 Continuing British Friends of Julian Francis “Friends of Liberation War Honor Awardee” & UK development Expert








PARIBARTAN Physiotherapy Centre



Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj



2016  Continuing British Women’s Association, Bangladesh








Strengthen Collaboration among Government NGO-CSOs to support tobacco control law Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj



2009 Continuing -The Union through WBB trust /Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance(BATA)









-Election Monitoring & Voter Education


Tarash , Rayganj  & Kamarkhand, Sirajgonj 2009  Ongoing during election period – BROTEE,NDI




Various  rights issues of indigenous and people with disability



Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



2016 2020 Bangladesh National Council for Social Welfare(govt)

Climate change




Climate change awareness and  social mobilization


Chalonbeel area



2016 Continuing CCDB , LAND
Women development


VGD Programme



Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj


2019 2020 Directorate of Women Affairs (govt)


Centre based child education / Non-formal


Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj


2015  2019 Run by Organization own management


  1. Implemented Programs and/or Projects (past performance):
Theme/Sector Programs/


Location Duration Donors
Start date/year End date/year
Women empowerment















Integrated Development of Rural Vulnerable women Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



1994 1996 APHD-Honk Kong in collaboration with CARITAS-Bangladesh



Women and child rights advocacy & promotional program


Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



2008 2013 UNFPA through Save the children / Men & Boys Network
Promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment project


Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj





2012 2013 UNFPA via DWA(govt) & CMMS




Vulnerable Group Development Program (VGD)


Tarash, Ullapara, Chouhali


2017 2020 Directorate of Women Affairs (govt)


Rights and justice
























Community awareness on land rights and land development Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



1999 2004 Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD)




Enhance human rights by employment creation among indigenous people through bee  keeping project Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj






2010 2011 Australian High Commission , Dhaka
Creating awareness on Prevention of Acid Violence




Tarash,  Rayganj,



Kazipur Sirajganjsadar

Kamarkhand Upazila,



2005 2007 Acid Survivors Foundation – Dhaka /Manusher Jonno Foundation
Education & training



























Non Formal Primary Education PRogramme (NFPE)


-Non- formal Child & Adult Education




-Child literacy


-Mass literacy programme

-Continuing education/ Post literacy





Tarash, Ullapara & Rayganj Upazila , Sirajganj

Dhunot Upazila, Bogra


Upazila, Natore ,

Bhangura & Chatmohor Upazila , Pabna










1994 2014  – BRAC

 – Department of Non-Formal                 

   Education -DNEF (govt)

–  Bureau of Non-Formal   

   Education (govt)  / BNFE

–  Nijera Shikhi -NISHI,

–  CICIMPUR Outreach

–  Asia Partnership for Human   

   Development (Hong Kong)

–  CARITASBangladesh/FIVDB

 -Adarsha Gram Projec-II


Capacity Building of Village groups




Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



1997 1997 Village Education Resource Centre (VERC) ,Dhaka

Adult Literacy & Voter Education Program


Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



2001 2001 PROSHIKA , Dhaka






Central office, Tarash, Sirajganj 1994 Continuing The Asia Foundation

Islamic Foundation

National Book Center


Democracy and good governance













Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through Mediation



Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj




1996 1999 The Asia Foundation


Madaripur Legal Aid Association

Election Monitoring & voter education








Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj








1992 2001 Coordinating Council of Human Rights in Bangladesh (CCHRB)

Bangaldesh Nari Progoti Sangho(BNPS)


Disability development













































Leprosy Education & Awareness


Tarash & Rayganj Upazila , Sirajganj


1993 1993 British High Commission, Dhaka/ODA




Sirajgonj Leprosy Control Program (SLCP)


9 Upazila of Sirajganj district


1994 1998 The Leprosy Mission-TLM, UK & New Zealand




Joint Program on disability training, campaign , orientation & AD follow-up Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj





2002 2002 InterLife – Bangladesh (Sweden)







CAHD Research Initiative



Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj




2004 2004



CDD-Savar, Dhaka in collaboration with Handicap intl. & CBM Australia
Disability Development Program



Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj




2000 2004


CDD, Savar, Dhaka
Women with disability


Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj




2002 2002 Hesperian Foundation, USA
Disability development & rehabilitation through Community Awareness/CBR Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj





2002 2006 National Foundation for the Development of Disabled Persons -NFDDP (govt.) Dhaka


Creating Awareness about the potentialities of persons with visual impairment through CAHD Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj





2003 2003 ICEVI/Lee Foundation, USA via Blind People’s Association(BPA), India
Disability Awareness among school children (child to child approach) Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj




2003 2005 Plan – Bangladesh & CDD, Dhaka
Child Sight Advocacy Project


Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj


2008 2008 Child Sight Foundation, Dhaka
Promoting rights and access to inclusive education for children with  disabilities Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj





2009 2011 DFID-LCD-CDD


Rehabilitation   of disabled people and  care for Autistic children



Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj




2009 2018 Bangladesh NGO Foundation(govt.)





Rehabilitation of children with disabilities Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj



2004 2004 Stichting Liliane fonds , Netherlands
Strengthening capacity And Networking of NSAs & LSAs on disability (SCANED) Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj





2013  2017 European Union, Light  for the world ,Netherlands & CDD
CBR Roll Out in Bangladesh


Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj


2015 2017 Christian Blind Mssion(CBM)

Australian Aid Agence( Aus Aid) & CDD

Promoting  rights and rehabilitation of people with disabilities


Tarash Upazila, Sirajganj




2018 2018 Jatio Protibandhi Unnayan Foundation  (govt)




Emergency Response/ Relief and Rehabilitation












Flood relief Operation



Tarash Upazila , Sirajganj









World Vision Bangladesh



Post Flood  Rehabilitation Project



Tarash Upazila,







1996 1996 PROSHIKA, Dhaka


Flood Relief Operation Tarash Upazila,


1998 1998 Stitching Netherlands



Flood Relief Operation Tarash Upazila,




1998 2002 Mennonite Central Committee(MCC), Canada,Bangladesh
Emergency Relief assistance for PWDs/ CWDs


Tarash & Rayganj Upazila,



2004 2004 Stichting Liliane fonds ,Netherlands
Emergency and post flood rehabilitation activity on  water & sanitation Tarash & Rayganj Upazila,




2008 2008 CAFOD-UK & MISEREOR – Germany through NGO Forum
Flood disaster relief for people with disabilities




Tarash & Rayganj Upazila,







2007 2007 Christian Blind Mission (CBM) via CDD
Agriculture and aquaculture










Agriculture Technology Transfer (PARE)



Tarash & Rayganj Upazila,





1998 2001 MCC, Bangladesh
Agriculture/ Interfish



Tarash & Rayganj Upazila,




Rural development

















Van – Rickshaw Project (IGA)/ Revenue fund generating



Tarash Upazila,







1993 1994 Canadian High Commission ,Dhaka/Canda Fund
Micro Credit





Tarash  Rayganj& Ullapara Upazila,





1994 2007 -APHD


-PKSF & own fund

Adarsha Gram Project – II




Tarash,  Rayganj,



Kazipur and Kamarkhand Upazila,


2004 2006 European Commission in collaboration with Ministry of Land (GOB)
Health and WatSan








Health hygiene awareness and sanitation improvement (HASI) project Bhangura Upazila, Pabna




2009 2012 European Union in collaboration with SMILING project initiated by PRIP TRUST
Village Sanitation Center (VSC)


Tarash & Rayganj Upazila ,


1998 2001 NGO Forum for DWSS
NGO Civil Society Networking Project (NCSNP)


Tarash Upazila,




2007 2011 DANIDA via NGO FORUM for DWSS



Hygiene, Sanitation and  Water Supply


Fund Authority










2015 HYSAWA  Fund


Strengthening Bangladeshi tobacco control through GO-NGO Cooperation for Improved FCTC implementation Tarash Upazila,









2009 2017 The Union through WBB Trust/BATA


Migration and trafficking




Promoting supportive environment for safe migration of local workers of Sirajganj district Ullapara Upazila, Sirajganj







2015 2016 World Bank, Japan Social Development Fund & BRAC
Improving life status through rehabilitation of male trafficked persons


Whole Sirajganj district







2014 2015 US Department of State through Relief International Bangladesh










  1. Human Resources:

J.1. Organogram:



                                                             GENERAL COMMITTEE



                                                            EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE







                      COORDINATOR                                                                        HEAD OF FINANCE                                                                  


               PROJECT COORDINATOR                                                       ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT



               MONITORING OFFICER                                                             NIGHT GUARD CUM PEON


                         TRAINER                                                                                   PEON



                     SUPERVISER                                                                               AYA/COOK




               PROGRAM ORGANIZER                                                                                                        



              TARGET BENEFICIARY                                                                   FINAL BENEFICIARY


  1. Number of Staff:
Level # of

Staff at

Head Office

# of

Staff at Field Office

Senior Management 04 0 04
Mid Level Management 06 0 06
Front Line 0 12 12
Volunteer 0 05 05
Support Staff 03 02 05


  1. Financial Health: (Last 3 Years)
Annual turnover  in BDT Y- 2016 Y- 2017 Y- 2018
(All accounts are audited) 45,95,343.25


42,88,527.25 43,52,442.42


  1. Affiliation and Networking:
Name of Network Theme/Focus Year of affiliation Present Position of the organization in the Network
Association Development Agencies in Bangladesh




Advocacy, Policy, Information & Coordination  1993




Chairman  of ADAB , Sirajganj district committee



National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled – NFOWD ,



Information, communication, advocacy & lobby  1995





 Forum Member





Campaign for Popular    Education (CAMPE),Dhaka Campaign in education for all /information, exchange and sharing  1998






 Network Member





NGO FORUM   For   Public Health),Dhaka



Pure drinking water and safe sanitation /Hygiene promotion  1994






 Forum Partner








Health, WatSan & Environment  1999



 Network Member




Coordination Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh-CCHRB,Dhaka Advocacy, policy and lobby in the HR area  1996



 Forum Member



Democracy Watch




Strengthening good governance /democracy  2004




 Partner NGO




Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA),Dhaka





 Policy , Advocacy and Information network on elimination of tobacco  2002






 Network Partner






Bangladesh  ECD Network



Development of early childhood education  2005




 Network Member
Child Disability Network (CDN),Dhaka


Eradicating of avoidable blindness in the children  2002




 Network Member




National Youth Forum of Bangladesh




Promoting and collaborating the development of young leadership for peace and human rights  2005





 Forum Member





 Association of Land Reform and Development- ALRD, Dhaka




Policy, Advocacy, Information and Coordination on land issues  1996





 Network Member





Brotee  Samatat Networking ,Dhaka


Women in Development & entrepreneurship  2000




Network Partner





Tobacco control Task Force(govt), Tarash Upazila, ,Sirajganj Oversee Tobacco control activities at Upazila level  2008




 Task Force Member




Non-communicable diseases forum (NCDF)


Promoting awareness to prevent NCDF 2016



Forum Member



Upazila disability welfare committee(govt), Tarash , Sirajganj




Coordination ,Information & implementation of disability legislation  2009






 Committee Member






Chalonbeel Climate Change Network



Adaptation work on climate change issue and advocacy & networking 2015


Convener of the Network committee



District Child Rights Forum , Sirajgonj To oversee the violation of rights of the children 2015 Member of the Forum


Netzkraft Movement , German







International network of persons and groups who commit themselves  socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually  2016







 Network Member






CSO Coalition on Human Rights in Sirajganj Defending human rights violations 2018 Coalition Member
South Asian Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC),Bangladesh To end violence against children  2012  NACG member



Deaf child Worldwide Network – UK



Advocacy-lobby and rehabilitation of deaf children  2008




 Network Member
Both Ends Support Services – Netherlands





Promoting Civil Society Organizations through south-south cooperation  2007






 Service customer






Fundsforngos – UN




Disseminating funding information worldwide  2010





 Network subscriber





LAND Network Climate change response 2017 Member
European Union-Brussels





Online Registration  2018 (updated)





PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) .

Europe Aid ID

BD-2012-GQX- 2711454365.

CSA for SUN BD (global alliance)  Nutrition  2014  General Member


Non-Communicable Disease Forum -NCDF, Dhaka NCD  2014  Network Member
International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), South Korea Youth peace and development  2014


 Affiliated Member


National Alliance for Migrants Rights , Bangladesh (NAMR,B), BRAC








To ensue migrant labors rights & dignity , protection of suffering migrants  along with remittance management and development 2016









Alliance Member










  1. Strategy and Methodology:

PARIBARTAN works based on the strategy and methodology of integrated social development which usually combines a series of various types of activities relating to development issues simultaneously. On the other hand , it has so far adopted small and self help group as well as community / holistic approaches at the field level in order for boosting collective efforts of the community. Moreover , the working approach of the organization fully follows people’s participatory method in terms of decision, planning , implementation , management and evaluation at all stages from organization to grassroot  beneficiaries where all concerned stakeholders take part toward realization of the organization and project/programs goals and objectives which in other word can be termed as of the people , by the people and for the people reflecting completely democratic process of the good governance in the organization system.

  1. Future Plan:
  • Entrepreneurship development, Assistive device Unit, Human Resource development Centre, Vocational training, Handicrafts, Community health care center and Legal aid clinic etc.


  1. Expertise of the Organization:

Institution building

Community development intervention

Development training

Activities in the field of disability

Non-formal education

Rights based approach

Operation in WatSan sector

Emergency responses


  1. Ideal beliefs of the organization:

Education first and then training must.

Development means positive change

Best resource is skilled and honest man.

First make an effort with own and local resources.

Women & youth must be companion in the journey of development.

At first be patriotic and then do politics.

To serve others is to serve the self

The work is virtue.


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